Participating and Speaking: Codemotion Amsterdam

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The previous week I spent in Amsterdam where was glad to be invited to speak at Codemotion Amsterdam conference. The weather appeared to be nice and warm which made the event even better.

It took place at the huge building near the IJ river (so-called Amsterdam bay).

The talk

My talk started from the description of the current state of the CSS Custom Properties and summarized all the information and examples regarding the CSS Custom Properties which had been recently described in my article on SmashingMagazine.

It’s a needed basis to move forward and introduce the ability to register Custom Properties from JavaScript, providing types. It comes from one the CSS Houdini drafts: CSS Properties and Values API Level 1

After that, I described how such properties can be used as a transport from CSS to JavaScript.

In JavaScript is possible to use Worklets, to interact with browser rendering mechanism and extend the browser abilities to have more control and abilities in development.

It was a great experience, except we missed with the technical crew to connect the internet via wire. So after 5-10 minutes since I started it went down and took some time till guys found a connector from a wire cable to Mac. As a good guy, I prepared offline versions of the slides and demos, which helped till we switched back online, which gave more ability to show to the audience the interactive examples with live editing via Codepen.

Here you can find the slides:

Other talks

There was a bunch of other good talks, I’ll describe here some more Front-End specific:

Ben Straub’s talk was about building a Slack bot using JavaScript and a story of the process improvement they introduced in his company using the material reward system.

Sara Vieira showed the ways to provide Webpack configuration
and Shmuela Jacobs described the best practices to create an application using Angular/Firebase/OAuth.

In the end

It was a pleasure to speak at Codemotion, meet old good friends there and have a great evening walking at the wonderful Amsterdam city center.

In a week I’ll present this talk in Athens at Frontend United- everyone is welcome and I’d be delighted to answer any of your question. And it’s always a good idea to enjoy the perfect Greek food and weather!


And if you need a suggestion what to try in Amsterdam, start from the local herring (with/without a sandwich)- it’s unexpectedly delicious!

Here are some photos (oh, dat “rabbit” photo 😁):

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